• Convocation - Scars across Cass

Convocation - Scars across Cassette   (Dawnbreed records)

By Pim Blankenstein (Officium triste)

Convocation – Scars Across

If you haven’t heard Scars Across by Finland’s Convocation you clearly have been living under a rock. This debut album originally came out in 2018 through Everlasting Spew Records on both CD and vinyl formats. The 4 songs that make up this album are clearly amongst the best that has been delivered in recent years when it comes to doom/death and funeral doom. Utterly slow and immensely heavy Scars Across reminds of greats such as Esoteric, Evoken or Mournful Congregation. The sense of melody both within the music as well as the remarkable clean vocals are feats that make this album stand out.
The music was written, recorded and mixed by Lauri Laaksonen of Desolate Shrine fame. He teamed up with vocalist Marko Neuman (Dark Buddha Rising) who did a stellar job with the deep growls and the aforementioned clean vocals. With the master done by Dan Lowndes at his Resonance Sound Studio Scars Across sounds elegantly monstrous.

Scars Across has now been reissued on cassette tape format by Dawnbreed Records.
Limited to 70 hand numbered copies this gem should be in the collection of every fan of the darkest, slowest and heaviest sounds available.

Convocation - Scars across Cass

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