Svrm - 7 MLP   (Dawnbreed records)

"Ukrainian atmospheric raw black metal entity Svrm issues its mesmerizing 2015 debut demo "7" for the first time ever on 12" vinyl, a release set to glorify and complete one of the most compelling and fascinating debuts the eastern European black metal scene has seen in the latter half of the last decade. On the blood-chilling debut short player Svrm unravels a glacial swarm of vorticose atmospheres that submerges the listener into a desolate and hypnotic trance. Like a shroud of static draping a skeletal architecture of repetitive and frantic beats, "7" appears like a colorless specter lurking behind a thick phantasmal fog, its silhouette discernible in form but never fully graspable as it melds with its own aura made of an impenetrable mist of static. Fully developed in its abstract and emaciated form to resemble the most contemplative moments of Paisage d'Iver, Trist, Midnight Odyssey, Xasthur or Striborg, Svrm makes raw simplicity and primitive and irresistible melodies its focal strength, dwelling in a duality of classicism and experimentalism that upholds the most glorifying aspects of atmospheric experimentalism while defying the listener's expectations altogether. Just as life, hope, light, or reason within are null, such are reference points to grasp and not get sucked into Svrm's storming fog and sink at the bottom its colorless and lifeless abyss."

12'' comes in a sturdy jacket, beautiful photography art by Kjetil Karlsen with the Svrm logo printed with silver hot foil.
The LP is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl - comes with a hand numbered 350 gr insert!

Svrm - 7 MLP

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Tags: Black metal, Ambient, Svrm, Ukraine, Atmospheric