• Adverso - Descent  Cass
Adverso - Descent  Cass (Black gangrene productions)

Following 2018’s excellent “Ex Inanis”, Portuguese Black Metal ensemble Adverso returns with yet another hail to the underworld, a shadowy tome aptly entitled “Descent”. In the course of four tracks, Adverso drags the listener on a sinister journey through the dark night of the mind, soul and beyond with a ceremonial, utterly somber sound marked by morbid, incredibly dark riffs, ritualistic rhythmic impulses and a ghastly vocal delivery that carries a piercing, almost dangerous component, thus contributing to the overall visceral aura of distress permeating this "Descent". Adverso’s sound is austere and poignant, elements which the reverberating sound production elevate to a higher level of torment and disturbance, similarly aided by the superb artwork which mystifyingly adorns this opus.
Released by Black Gangrene Productions on cassette tape, Adverso once again ravishes through the chthonic regions and gives voice to the formless void with a genuine essence of Black Metal magick.


Adverso - Descent Cass

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Tags: Black metal, black gangrene