• Niteris - Our death, his monument  Cass

Niteris - Our death, his monument  Cass  (Black gangrene productions)

The link between Niteris and Black Gangrene Productions goes back to the year 2014 when the label put out the band's first demo “Our Body, His Temple”. Six years later, the Bosnian horde returns with yet another emanation of vicious Black Metal. Visceral and oppressive, “Our Death, His Monument” stands as an assault to the senses through its hostile performance and raw rehearsal like sound. From the first moments of this demo, one finds itself perturbed by the cruel maniacal vocals, the superb guitar work - equally arrangement and sounding wise - and the fast, caustic drumming which is intriguingly interlaced with brilliant slower, utterly suffocating sections, elements that unite on a ghastly deathlike atmosphere likewise well represented by the ominous artwork.
Out on Cassette Tape, “Our Death, His Monument” is a testament to one of the upmost conclaves of raw Black Metal of the present-day, the intensity and spite of the Bosnian Black Plague Circle and its allegiance with Black Gangrene Productions.

Niteris - Our death, his monument Cass

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Tags: Black metal, black gangrene