• Wilsumnes - Onwards to the great darkness  Cass

Wilsumnes - Onwards to the great darkness Cass (Black gangrene)

The bond that ties Black Gangrene and the Bosnian Black Metal Underground is effectively documented by the label’s showcasing of a plethora of projects and releases during the last decade, a proof of undisputed quality currently emerging from the Balkan country. Wilsumnes is one of the entities triggered from that same cauldron of Bosnian spite, having released its debut Demo during the past year, the disturbing “Upon the Altar of Sacrificial Blood”. Returning from the shadowy tomb, the group presents a new assembly of ghastly Black Metal, a sinister cauldron of darkness that from its first moments strikes with viciously penetrating riffing, piercing like a sharp dagger, stirring with visceral melody and furious belligerence. Such intensity is properly corresponded by a virulent vocal execution, a poignant performance overflowing with passion and wrath. Ultimately, “Onwards to the Great Darkness” drum capturing and overall production add a supplementary raw element to Wilsumnes’ sonic quality. Entirely rehearsal-like lo-fi, the rhythmic sound is a thrilling element of this recording’s 14 minutes, serving as the potent supplement to aforesaid electrifying patterns. For its austere quality, one gets stricken by an overtly ferocious performance, fierce and intense, whether on fast blast-beating or slower, almost hypnotic parts, where Wilsumnes’ expression and dynamics reach its full potential. Released on Cassette Tape by Black Gangrene Productions, “Onwards to the Great Darkness” is yet again a sharp dagger of Bosnian subterranean Black Metal, a wicked testimony that shall possess all devotees of raw obscurity at its finest.

Wilsumnes - Onwards to the great darkness Cass

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