Veriluola - Demo 2020  Cass   (Dawnbreed records)

A bleak mist fills the air after the first notes of Veriluola's debut release start poisoning the ether. A glance at the cover artwork reassures the cryptic essence of the duo with roots in the US and Finland. A decidedly somber and mystical aura follows flooding through imposing riffs, haunting, belligerent, whereas an effectively forthright rhythmic pulse grants a ceremonial touch to the group's sound. In the course of four tracks, Veriluola channels a cluster of different Black and Death Metal elements stirring with blazing fire and chthonic devotion. The sound isn't polished and elegant, it carries a striking "ugliness" which perfectly answers to the rough and crude edge of the band's essence, a sonic miasma of visceral force and conspicuous dynamics. From the doom-like dragging pulse in "Ritual Blood Marsh" to the epic – almost ethereal – acoustic interlude in "Nuclear Spear" with its lead guitar traits reminiscent of classic Death/Doom ventures, Veriluola makes a seriously impressive case for its debut demo release. Piercing throughout the whole of this creation, a vociferous voice hails from the abyss pulsating with darkness burning with the Devil's energy.

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Veriluola - Demo 2020 Cass

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Tags: Death metal, dawnbreed records, Black metal