• Clairvoyance - Demo 2020  7"

Clairvoyance - Demo 2020  7" (Behind the mountain)

Hailing from Warsaw City, Clairvoyance was formed in late 2019 by guitarist Denis Didenko and vocalist Maciej Cesarczyk. Soon after that, bassist Jasiek Kraciuk and drummer Adrian Szczepanski had joined the band. Members of the band have had a bit of experience in other genres in several bands in Poland and Ukraine, but nothing related to death metal.

That said, the main idea behind Clairvoyance was to embody their passion for '90s extreme metal - predominantly death metal, as one might guess - and maybe spark some interest in OSDM in the local underground scene. As far as influences go, it's for them to name specific bands. For some, it's mostly Finnish death metal from the '90s; for others, it's 80s thrash metal, punk rock, death/doom, or even Type O Negative. Needless to say, all these influences are loved deeply by the quartet.

Lyric-wise, Clairvoyance prefer to leave an air of mystery and won't be publishing anything online anytime soon. Like the best death metal over its many decades as a genre, they treat vocals as a separate instrument to complement Clairvoyance's overall sound, which is dark and disgusting but very lucidly played; as such, there's an element of freshness due to the demo's not-easily-pigeonholed style. But ultimately, they're not trying to say anything through their lyrics, as their main purpose is to allow Cesarczyk to reflect some dark corners of his soul, which is not always possible in day-to-day life.

In a mere 11 minutes, Clairvoyance's three-song debut demo gets in, gets out, and grinds the listener into the dirt. An auspicious start, to say the very least!

Clairvoyance - Demo 2020 7"

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