• Kommodus - Of carnage and conquest CD

Kommodus - Of carnage and conquest CD   (Dark adversary)

Compilation with the "Will to dominate all life" and "One housand years of the wolf" demo's

"Will To Dominate All Life" Demo 2017
Chant Of Thy Ancestors Lupine     
Wolves Of Rome
The Dreaming God     
Schlacht Im Teutoburger Wald     
Spiritual Sickness And The Suffering Soul     
War  (Burzum)
In The Banquet Hall Of The Mighty Wulfīnaz King     

"One Thousand Years Of The Wolf"  Demo 2018
In The Catacombs Where Rats Reign
Conquering The Carpathians
Twilight Forest Apparition     
Beyond Hadrian's Wall     
Purging Thy Hibernian Blood     
The Rite Of Darkness (Bathory)
Iron Dawn: A New Crusade Rides Out


Kommodus - Of carnage and conquest CD

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Tags: Dark adversary, black metal