Oculus vacui - Rites of the sabbath Cass    (Dawnbreed)

Limited to 100 copies

The next chapter of Oculus Vacui presented on this album which bears the title Rites of the Sabbath is the result of magickal ritual practices which are at the foundation of the lyrical and musical contents. 

Rites of the Sabbath aims to explore and bring about manifestations which reside beyond the veil of the three spacial universe and enter the realm of the Aethyrs. The Fourth Aethyr has a central role within the music and lyrical concept of this album, for the Fourth Aethyr is that of Impending Expression, Poison, Chaos and Darkness, each of which are essential aspects to our methods of the Black Arts of Witchcraft. The lyrics are invocations to Samael and Lilith which are emanations of Satan-Azazel who represents within our philosophical views Lucifer-Satan. 

The construction and the structures of the songs on this album are much longer and more complex, and at the same time also more of a direct execution. The music and lyrics were created by Void and Neshamah, Omega played drums and Nordvargr provided the dark ambience tracks on Rites of the Sabbath.

Oculus vacui - Rites of the sabbath cass

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