Discordant meditation - Anticosmic womb Cass  (Dawnbreed records)  

Their 2nd demo!   100 made - full body print

"Caustic" is a word that loves to be thrown around in the world of death metal, but very rarely is it taken to the fullest. With a demo that's as ferocious as it is unyielding to an ungodly extent, Discordant Meditation seeks cosmic-level domination with "Anticosmic Womb". Unlike many contemporary acts throughout the underground that succumb to the sheer might of their subject of worship, Discordant Meditation never once fails to fell its mark and constantly displays a level of power that's downright overwhelming. Riffs amidst truly maddening atmospheres the likes of which belong in Lovecraftian horror, "Anticosmic Womb" is an offensive upon the mind that is not easily ripped away. Many dare to bring such terrors before the eyes in such excrutiating detail, but very few times has succeeded like what Discordant Meditation has done here.


Discordant meditation - Anticosmic womb Cass

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Tags: Dawnbreed records, Death metal, Black metal