• Utyr - same  CD

Utyr - same  CD     (Dawnbreed records)  

This contains both Utyr ep's on a digipak, previously released on vinyl by Ixiol productions

Black metal from Russia.

Kris Wilson:

The old school of black metal is something that thousands upon thousands have tried to emulate with few seeming to do it true justice. Unyielding in its cold darkness yet never afraid to bring melody into the mix for a real sense of potency alongside its hateful nature, the original vein of the sound is always open for more to really deliver excellence like what Utyr has accomplished. Combining their pair of demos for a tremendous display of darkness that wouldn't halt for the ending of the earth, what's put forth in this creation is an assault upon the very notion of life itself as its foolishness is spattered throughout the dominating void of the universe. Devilish in all the right areas with its voracious bouts of fury that give way to an immense dirge of riffs which summon the power of the north winds themselves, Utyr puts forth a display that many throughout the dense underground can only ever hope to bring forth when they take their first steps out into those wilds. The realm of black metal is always in search of its next source of ferocity and raw attitude that is put together by real talent, and Utyr has risen from the blackness to answer that call.


Utyr - same CD

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