• Rancor -   Distinguish LP (Red / Black)

Rancor -   Distinguish LP

Red / Black vinyl / 300 

New artwork by Artem Grigoryev

The LP comes with with  a 48 page booklet !

By Kris Wilson:

During the 90s, metal saw tons experimentation, splintering, and dabbling in other styles the likes of which we haven't seen on such a scale before with the underground sprawling on a level that can only be compared to the modern state of it, but there's a reason why that specific time period is revered so highly. Spawned from the same source that gave us works like Acme and Congress, the metallic hardcore act of Rancor is setting forth to show the world how ahead of its time they were with the re-release of its only album, "Distinguish", for the first time ever on vinyl! Originally released in 1996, "Distinguish" is poised to make real waves! The current intersection of where metal and hardcore isn't nearly the same as what it was in past decades with these eight tracks more than a terrific testament to that overwhelming truth. Borrowing more than a few elements from the worlds of death and thrash metal to put together a truly pulverizing listen that holds nothing back in its riffs that cause the very foundations of society to buckle before such might, it's a damn shame that Rancor never reached the right audience to give them the recognition that power such as this rightfully deserves. Utterly intoxicating and the sort of metal that'll instantly put you in a bloodlust fervor, "Distinguish" is the shotgun blast from the past that many of us are constantly seeking out but rarely find!

Rancor - Distinguish LP (Red / Black)

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Tags: Death metal, shirt, Horror, Straight edge