• Wharflurch - Shittier / Slimier  Cass

Wharflurch - Shittier / Slimier  Cass

Euro version - 100 made!  

Take note :  this is not ( and I repeat NOT) a new record

This is what Wharflurch has to say about this release:

It was summer 2021.  We were all done recording "Psychedelic Realms..." just waiting for it to come out in September..  We had finished recording/filming "Transmissions..." months ago, and we had been in the practice shed jamming weekly with no shows in sight until September 3rd, our release date / first show.  So we ended up recording the stuff we were working on in a little more primitive mobile studio setup, like we used for "Shitslime".  After that was recorded, it was pretty much forgotten about...   Until sometime in mid-late 2022, the tracks were rediscovered, and in the wake ov the bands' physical dissolution, overdubbing guitars and synths and vocals began in earnest effort to shape something out ov this incredible harnessed chaos we happened to capture.  As more and more writing went into these "demos", the more the psychedelic production and expansive song structures began to coalesce into something more horrifyingly magical, showing an entirely different side to the FLURCH.  This has been forged to be a document in time, a spell cast in the wind, and a psychedelic journey all at once.   Voyaging into the depths ov exploratory heavy riffs and otherworldly atmospherics like a Death Metal jam band trying to summon a doomsday comet from beyond.

By Kris Wilson:

As dense as it is mysterious, dark, and utterly hostile at times, the underground realms of death-doom hold many secrets. Of all of those deep cuts that many revere as some of the best the underground as a whole has to offer, Wharflurch has already made quite the impact for those that have come across its path of destruction. This is death-doom that is not user friendly; an act that is feels meant to corrupt and taint rather than offer any semblance of escapism. Their run since starting up in 2019 offered up multiple EPs, splits, and a massive full-length that really set the stage for Wharflurch to make quite an offensive towards becoming an underground sensation. A hiatus threw everything into question, however, with the prospect of Wharflurch throwing in the towel certainly on the table. But, the power of the grime has persisted with Wharflurch regrouping to continue their magnificent assault upon the concept of sanity itself. Armed with a voracious demo that is but the prelude of what's to come, Wharflurch poises itself yet again for absolute domination. This is a creation that is the epitome of what it means to be uncompromisingly carnivorous in your craft. Supremely heavy and more than willing to drag the tortures out to ensure that no survivors are left with the victims living in a perpetual state of maximum suffering. Not a shred of refinement or polishing to be had for the whole of these seven horrific tracks, Wharflurch hasn't spared a shred of the human spirit for all that "SHITTIER/SLIMIER" summons from all-consuming maw of darkness within which Wharflurch clearly holds dominion over. This is underground mastery made manifest in some of its most powerful and twisted forms with the very concept of this being but the beginning for Wharflurch's renewed offensive enough to make one buckle at the knees. Whatever is to follow, however, none can deny that this offering is one that is not going to be easily forgotten with the rippling effect caused by its release enough to invoke primal instincts of fear and flight in all who come before its immense presence.

Wharflurch - Shittier / Slimier Cass

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