• Pyre - Human hecatomb LP

Pyre - Human hecatomb LP   (Dawnbreed / Nuclear winter)

Originally released on LP through Chaos records (Mexico) now finally available again!

Releasedate is oct. 14th

Once the trademark Swedish sound was established in the world of death metal, there truly was no turning back. In the decades since its first offensive, it has spread to virtually every corner of the world with bands all over bringing glory to the sound with ripping solos and chugging riffs that make for ultimate evisceration, but few in the underground can compare to the unparalleled mastery of Pyre! These absolute titans have all but perfected the concept to their own ends with every effort an occasion of the cataclysm that is not to be missed with "Human Hecatomb" but one chapter out of a greater prophecy of skies raining blood and bone piercing the earth. Nobody is safe from this unyielding, uncaring onslaught of supreme riffage that is paired devilishly with a manic energy that not only takes the Swedish sound beyond its homeland but to a great new horizon where there is naught but corpses to find in its wake as the cult of Pyre follows closely behind. Right from the beginning, it's made clear that Pyre is not interested in leaving survivors or even a shred of light in the universe once one comes to the end of "Human Hecatomb" with even its final fading notes an omen of future massacres to come, for even then... it's only a matter of time before the beast returns to conquer the realm.

500 copies made  (200 Silver / 300 black)


Pyre - Human hecatomb LP

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