• Wærloga - same  7"

Wærloga - same  7"   (Dawnbreed records / King of the monsters)

Underneath a shroud of mystery and cryptic devilry, US anonymous horde Wærloga enigmatically discloses its debut release, a two-track tome of misanthropic melodic black metal with a genuinely enthralling gist for intricate songwriting and fiery momentum. Through a sound and vision shaped under the spirit of the old North European tradition, Wærloga succeed in conveying an aural pallet rather uncommon these days, freezing cold melodicism with an aptly eerie otherworldly production and symphonic overtones that categorically provide this work with a special charm and charisma. Topped by sublime riffing, inhuman vocals and an incredibly tasteful rhythmic pulse, the US entity crafts little more than 10 minutes of genuinely mesmerizing audial emanations which shall engulf and overwhelm the listener as in a glacial winter storm.

300 copies - silkscreened cover

People from the USA :   you can get this release from King of the monsters!!!

Wærloga - same 7"

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