• Niden div. 187 - Impergium / Towards judgement  2 LP Boxset  (2023)

Niden div. 187 - Impergium / Towards judgement  2 LP Boxset     (Dawnbreed / De nihil)

What is new:
The box has Silver hot foil printing on the spine
Artwork on the jackets is printed on the coated side which will make it more visible

500 copies:
200 - Black vinyl 
200 - Galaxay grey vinyl
100 - Clear vinyl

This is the black vinyl version !!

This is a co release with De.Nhil records (Sweden)
USA:  All versions will be available from Nuclear war now productions!

The Black Metal cauldron of the mid 1990s ultimately spawned a myriad of hordes all over the globe conveying the gospel of Darkness and Evil from and to the utmost subterranean spheres. Like in every scenery, a plethora of emulators saturate the Underground. Although a trained eye, ear and spirit eventually knows how to separate the virtuous from the disposable, treasures eventually end up being obfuscated. A proper representative of such notion is Swedish entity Niden Div. 187. A side-project of members from such distinctive names such as Dawn, A Canorous Quintet and Thy Primordial, the group hatched two releases through Necropolis Records in the gleam of 90s before vanishing completely. Right from the very first moments of 1996's "Towards Judgment", one gets dragged into a landscape of dangerous and unapologetically virulent Black Metal. A grim sharp sound conceals fast belligerent riffs, slashes of six-string mania carved as rusty but merciless daggers. An incisive slaughtering drum performance purveys the almost military pulse to these four tracks while pure hate is expelled on a nefarious inhuman vocal performance. All such elements are exalted into an even greater level of hostility and command of both songwriting and atmosphere on the band's debut album and grand opus. Entitled "Impergium", Niden Div. 187 blasts its way into total warfare yet spreading its disease with an assorted diversity, whether by slower more atmospheric moments or slightly melodic yet abyssal riffing. This full-length exposes the band on a darker and more sinister path than ever, supremely evoking a ghastly aura of dread and suffocating blackness via ominous instrumental pieces intervening within deranged blast-beating bashing, a hateful and menacing army of guitar riffs and a carnage of deathlike wails and screams. "Impergium" never loses its momentum, but furthers its apocalyptic omen into a fearful canvas where Death and Blood remain triumphant. 

Proudly released by Dawnbreed Records and De:Nihil Records on a luxurious 2xLP box, behold an ode to and from the dark past, an essential and glorious proclamation of genuine Black Metal mastery! 

UV spot printed BOX with silver hot foil printing on the spine

LP 1 - Impergium

LP2 - Towards Judgement

Comes with folded insert

Niden div. 187 - Impergium / Towards judgement 2 LP Boxset (2023)

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