• Maniak - Speed metal terrorist  MLP

Maniak - Speed metal terrorist  MLP    (Dawnbreed / De.nihil records)

Black vinyl / 300

"The very future of metal is always brought into question by those who dare to question the worthiness and talent of the younger generations. Such fools do not know what they're missing out on with the sanctity and respect of the old school veins cared for even today by ferociously passionate and talented bands that will be more than adept at keeping that old flame burning strong. With "Speed Metal Terrorist", Maniak instantly proves itself to be an up-and-coming whirlwind of blackened speed metal that is not to be underestimated! Not a single moment throughout this small but unyielding effort is to be swept to the side as we're given an utterly compelling barrage of unbridled speed, ripping solos, intensity that only the passionate lost in the underground can bring forward, and a viciously raw production that is sure to capture the attention of those exclusively living in the past. Maniak is priming themselves to be a name that is not to be denied when it comes to speed metal that is more than worthy of our time, and "Speed Metal Terrorist" is sure to be the first testament as to why Maniak will be more than competent to carry the torch of the old school when their time comes to bear it"

Maniak - Speed metal terrorist MLP

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Tags: Death metal, Dawnbreed, Chile