Incinerated - Lobotomise CD   (Dawnbreed records)  

Repress of this classic !!

Kris Wilson:

"There is nothing else in the entire multiverse of music that can compare to the madness that grind brings to the table in every instance. When allowed to become its own beast and fester away at the boundaries of societal norms, we get some of the most eviscerating and uncompromising performances that the sound has to offer. When paired with the most primal, brutish and grisly end of death metal’s already gruesome spectrum, things can get dragged into a place of truly unparalleled viciousness. For all intents and purposes, Incinerated has been pushing those limits for years with their 2017 homicidal streak, "Lobotomise", offering some of the deadliest and most obscene deathgrind that the mind can tolerate. It's the sort of madness that forces blood to pour from your eyes and an insatiable urge to destroy all in your path while the blown-out riffs and utter chaos of Incinerated drive you forward to not just dismantle the very fabric of civilization, but to disintegrate all who come before you. "Lobotomise" is not just the title for these fourteen lessons in the most brutal form of rending flesh, but it is the single-minded goal of Incinerated. A wholly cruel work with no frills or moments of reprieve to hide yourself in, "Lobotomise" comes for your very soul"


Incinerated - Lobotomise CD

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